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Jul '15

Injuries While on Vacation

By: Jonathan T. Hughes Posted in: Personal Injury
Important Information if You've Been Injured out of the Province

In the summertime, people often travel to take their vacations. But what happens if you sustain an injury when you're out of the province?


What to Know if You've Been Injured

The Government of Nova Scotia has approved a new Limitations Act but it is currently waiting on the shelf to become active. When it does, it could change how much time you have to bring your personal injury claim.


May '15

Buying real estate?

By: Suzanne L. Robichaud Posted in: Real Estate
What about HST?

Don't forget the tax applicable on new homes and some other real estate purchases.


May '15
Don't resort to cyber-bullying

A brief tale of caution when it comes to disputes over an estate.



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